Monday, April 28, 2008

Tag, I'm It

This is a tag. This is only a tag.

We interrupt this blog to disclose six random factoids about the author. Said author was tagged by noir writer and pal Bill (LOST DOG) Cameron ... we repeat, this is tag, and only a tag ... if it were a real blog post, you'd hear the sound of Bogart bitterly muttering "It's the stuff that dreams are made of" ...

So here are the six random facts, and following Bill's example, I will attempt to list them with a solemn air. Or a sober air. Come to think of it, solemn might be easier ...

Random Fact #6: I had two ponies (at different times) when I was a little girl. One was a pinto, one was a Shetland. These were not "my little ponies," either. In fact, the Shetland hadn't been gelded yet, and one time when my mother was feeding him, she found two hooves on her shoulders.

Random Fact #5: I first sang in public at the age of five at a concert of a Mexican guitarist whose name, alas, escapes me. I warbled "Que Sera, Sera." How I got on stage, I don't remember, but it took me a good many years to get off of it. My favorite role in college was as the Courtesan in The Comedy of Errors ... it was an awesome costume, and I won the role with a Mae West impression (and yes, I can still sound like Mae if plied with enough bourbon).

Random Fact #4: I love pigeons. In fact, I love all animals, though I have an aversion to earwigs. Pigeons (the common Rock Dove) have actually contributed a great deal to civilization (other than pigeon poop). Would that the same could be said of a few people I've known ...

Random Fact #3: I co-exist in the DC Universe. Back when we had a comic book store -- Robin Williams and Anton LaVey were both customers--our business was illustrated in an issue of Batman (my absolute favorite superhero and one of my favorite fictional characters) in which the Darknight Detective visits San Francisco. I was an Overstreet Adviser, on the DC Retailers Board, and Denny O'Neil called us "his favorite store in his favorite city." I still collect (old) comics, though my habit has been severely curtailed by my career. Other geek-type factoids: I own a copy of every Detective Comic from 1958-1985 (pre-Crisis); my oldest issue is Detective #40, from 1940 (first Joker cover; first appearance of Clayface), and I can remember not only all the pre-Crisis Earths and who inhabited them, but the members of the Legion of Super-Pets.

Random Fact #2: I drove Greer Garson home from a Dallas production of "Sweeney Todd"; I walked through the San Francisco Wax Museum with Jason Robards; I've talked politics with Justine Bateman and Robert Downey, Jr (and Leif Garrett). I've been a foot away from Billy Joel's socks (OK, that was the Stormfront tour).

And finally ... Random Fact #1: In order to help pay my way through college, one summer I sold phone advertising for massage and escort services. Talk about student debt.

So now the madness (and fun) continues ... I get to tag six more people.

The vict-I mean, winners, are:


As for the rules--

The rules are as follows:

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Noir, like James Bond, will return!


Laura Benedict said...

Kelli, you are possibly the coolest thriller writer-chick on the planet--and I don't just say that because you have shared breathing space with Robert Downey, Jr. (*sigh*)!

I just did a tag thing on my blog, so I hope you don't mind me sharing my paltry facts here....

6. I also have an intense fear/dislike of earwigs. I opened a little-used door at our farm house once and several dropped into my hair. Ugh!
5.One of my earliest memories is of a dream in which a gorilla was hiding behind our bathroom door.
4. The first car I ever owned was a 1972 Grand Prix with a 450 4-barrel engine. Did it ever rock!
3. I really do always lose at tic-tac-toe.
2. Talking to me after 10 pm is kind of dangerous because I get very cranky when I'm tired.
1. Years ago, I snuck into Millionaire's Row at the Kentucky Derby with friends and exchanged pleasantries with Gene Hackman in the buffet line.

Well, at least I had one brush with celebrity.... :)

Kelli Stanley said...

What I want to know, my dear, is exactly *what kind* of pleasantries you exchanged with Mr. Hackman, hmm? ;)

Methinks the story doesn't end there!

As for Robert, yes, he was cute. But so was Jimmy Smits (who was also there). I forgot to mention Stallone walked close enough to brush my shoulder on the Warner Brothers lot ... oh, and d'uh! Nick Cage and Cary Elwes both stopped in at our store, once, and bought a bunch of stuff. This was when Cary was really cute (and when Nick Cage was still collecting comics).

So take your pick, girl! :)

Laura Benedict said...

I'm sure Mr. Hackman was just checking out my fabulous Derby hat! I may have been a crasher, but I was at least dressed the part!

Nick Cage? Oh, to die for! Now I think he just collects houses.

Happy Derby Day!